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Process of Delivery:

If the ordered products are in stock:

The products will be packed on the order day or on the next day at the latest.
The package will be delivered in 1-5 days, depending on the country of destination.
MThe courier are calling you by phone before the delivery so pay attention to enter your phone number correctly..

Products which are available but out of stock

My colleagues are collaborate with the suppliers, and they are asking an offer for the product. We are informing you in 1-2 days about the expected delivery date and the final prices of the products. If the given conditions are not acceptable for you, you can cancel the order anytime easily. If you accept our offer and the payment are processed on our account, my colleagues will acquire the missing items and you will be notified by email. The package will be delivered in 1-5 working days, depending on the country of destination.

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Shipping costs:

We know well, there is no time to waste in the agriculture. Every day counts.
We know well, you need the parts as soon as possible with the best price.
Because of that, we always collaborate with a courier company, which is able to fulfill these conditions.
That’s why, we chose GLS.

You can read the details of the delivery process and the shipping terms on the links below:

Delivery process >>
Shipping terms >>

The shipping cost is involving the packing cost and delivery fee to your shipping address:

Normal delivery

Pallet transport

The products can be packed in maximum 40 kgs units. For example, if your order weight is 95 kgs, we will pack it three different packages (if it is possible, of course), and the shipping cost will be multiplied by three.

Of course, if the shipping price of the package as overweight cargo is more auspicious,we are asking an offer from our partners and we are informing you by email.

Please, pay attention to check the condition of the package in every case! If the package seems damaged or opened, always ask the courier to fulfill a report about the damage!

Shipping terms:

If the ordered products in stock:

The courier pick up the packages after 15:00 in every working day. The delivery time is variable, it depends on the country of destination.

For example, if the country of destination is Germany, the package is expected to be delivered in 2 days.
In case, the shipping address is in Spain, the time of the delivery is between 4 and 6 days.
Case of Sweden or , the delivery time is between 4 and 7 days.
Case of Ciprus, the delivery time is between 6 and 7 days.

Products which are available but out of stock:

In case, your order contains such an item, which is out of stock, the delivery period is increasing with 5-8 working days. My colleagues are informing you about the exact delivery time by email.
If these terms are not acceptable for you, you can cancel your order immediately, without any consequences.

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14 days refund guarantee:

It is possible to return the ordered products in 14 days. This case, we refund the full price of the product.

No questions, no need to explain! Just one important thing: The product must be return in the original condition. Just to be clear, we cannot to take back such product which is has been installed or used already.

Take this opportunity, I am sure about that, this is a benefit, which is worth to use.

No hidden risk, you cannot lose with it, so register and order now!/p> Back on Top >>

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