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Working of our webshop and the ordering process

We tried to evolve every function as usual in our webshop, so if you ever bought something on the internet, the shopping could not be a problem for you.

You can put the products to your virtual shopping cart by clicking the “Add to cart” button.

You can check the actual content of your cart on the right corner of the top menu by clicking the “Cart” icon. The web shop system add the shipping cost to the amount of the order automatically.

If you put every wanted product to the cart, just click to the “Cart details” button. With this, the ordering process is not finished yet, you are just one step closer to this.

If your cart contains every wanted item with the correct quantity and price, you can enter the Cashier page by clicking to the “Go to checkout” button.

If you are not signed in the webshop yet, you must log in first.If you do not have an account yet, you must register to our webshop. The registration process takes 1 or max 2 minutes usually.

On the Cashier page, you should check your addresses (you can modify these if it necessary), then the products (you can modify these too).

In the next step, you can choose the shipping and payment method. As you can see, some specific payment methods are only available in a particular shipping methods, and the total payable amount is change according to your chooses. Just try every possibility, and choose that, which is the most comfortable for you.

At last, click to the “I confirm my purchase!” button. Your order will be registered in our system, and the items which are in stock, will be booked for you.

We will send a confirmation email for you which contains every information about your order.

If your order arrives before 14:00, we will pack the products and courier will pick-up on the order day.

14 days money refund guarantee

An important thing what you need to know: If you are buying from us, you have the right of return the products, if these are not suitable for you.

There is no need to explain the reasons of the return, just pay attention that, we take back the products in the original condition and undamaged packaging only. In that case, we refund the 100% of the product price.

There is one more important thing. We are unable to refund the shipping fee, and organize the return.

It is a little bit long, I know, but trust me, it was worth to read.

As you can see, our system is prepared for anything, and my colleagues do everything to provide the best service for you.

We wish you comfortable and enjoyable shopping.

László Tamás

Kelet-Agro Co. Ltd., Owner

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